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Every human being will always eat and eating habits are the duty of every human being to gain energy and survive. Almost all types of food can be eaten by humans including meat, cereals, seafood, vegetables, legumes and more. However, have you ever thought that every food we eat can harm our body? maybe you’ve ever wondered. Every meal we eat has the potential to harm our bodies and believe in or not a variety of diseases such as cancer, heart problems, hypertension, diabetes and so on from the foods we eat. All the diseases that affect our health also depend on the way we practice taking food. If we practice a healthy diet then we are less at risk of illness but if we practice an imbalanced diet then we are susceptible to illness.

Even so, not all foods bring illness and harm to us, there are many more foods that give healing to the disease and it acts as the protective agent of our body. Lately, many studies on food that serves as a healer are found and proven. One of the most popular is antioxidant because it is an element of food found in foods such as cereals, vegetables, legumes and fruits that can get rid of cancer-free radicals. In this entry, I will list some types of foods that give natural healing to our bodies and organs in our bodies.

  1. Celery – Celery juice helps to reduce the problem of insomnia, helps to control acne problem, can neutralize excess acid in the blood, helps lower blood pressure.
  2. Avocado – Fresh Avocado leaves help to strengthen the gums, relieve inflamed joints pain, encouraging a flow of urine, relieve a toothache with roasted and blended avocado bean stew.
  3. Artichoke – Anti-inflammatory, stimulates bile production, helps detoxify the liver, reduces blood sugar level, absorbs cholesterol in the blood.
  4. Orange – Helps to induce the digestive organs, helps to relieve asthma, improve the appetite mood, by mixing with honey it can relieve a cough and cold.
  5. Broccoli – Has strong anti-carcinogenic, helps to increase bone density and prevent Osteoporosis, can be used to treat gout externally.
  6. Pistachios – help with anemia, encourage blood production
  7. Plum – work to detoxify our body, helps absorb cholesterol and protects the intestinal wall, protects the intestine from colon cancer.
  8. Pineapple – helps and facilitates the digestive process in the intestine, suitable for those who want to lose weight, help increase the number of male and female breeding cells, anti-carcinogenic.
  9. Apple – helps eliminate toxins in the intestines, helping to prevent the occurrence of fermentation in the stomach and intestines, anti-inflammatory and have a natural antibiotic feature, preventing the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessel walls.
  10. Cranberry –treating bacterial infections in the urinary tract, antiseptic and antibiotic properties, helps to reduce the size of kidney stones in the kidneys, helping to sharpen the eyesight.
  11. Coconut – prevent osteoporosis,
  12. Carrot – may help reduce the risk of cancer, increase bile growth, help remove acne, good for amenorrhea problems
  13. Asparagus – may help regulate cancer, giving a long feeling of fullness, encouraging urine production, helping to eliminate constipation.
  14. Lemongrass – good for headaches, treat stomach ache.
  15. watermelon – improve kidney function, helps remove uric acid from the body, prevents bacteria from developing urinary tract, eliminates constipation

Top 10 Best High Fiber Foods


Did you ever know about fiber in food?. Fiber is one of the nutrient compounds in food especially foods derived from plants such as fruits, vegetables, cereals and so on. Fiber is very important to our body although fiber is not digested in our digestive system. Fibers in foods as we know it, it is not easily extinguished in the stomach and intestines but it has the properties of absorbing water, cholesterol and slow the absorption of sugar. because of these properties, fiber benefits our health.

Fibers are divided into two types namely soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. both types of fiber are useful to humans. Below, I list some of the benefits of fiber according to mayoclinic.com:-

  1. Smoothing the digestive system
  2. Prevent constipation
  3. Lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol levels
  4. Improve blood sugar levels.
  5. Helps to lose weight.

Each food containing fiber has a different percentage of fiber. Each type of vegetable has different fiber content and also other types of food such as legumes, cereals, fruits, and seeds. Therefore I have listed the top 10 types of foods that contain the most fibers as shown below according to USDA National Nutrient Database. Number 1 is the most fiber food and so on.


  1. Persimmons
  2. Goji berries
  3. Apple
  4. Lemon peel
  5. Passion-fruit [granadilla]
  6. Bananas
  7. Figs
  8. Peaches
  9. Dates
  10. Nance
  11. Blueberries


  1. Cloud ears
  2. Seaweed
  3. Parsley
  4. Hot chile
  5. Pasilla
  6. Chives
  7. Radishes
  8. Carrot
  9. Ancho
  10. Tomatoes

Nut & Seeds

  1. Chia seeds
  2. Flaxseed
  3. Pumpkin seed
  4. Sesame seed kernel
  5. Coconut meat
  6. Breadnut tree seed
  7. Almonds
  8. Chestnuts
  9. Sunflower seed
  10. Hazelnuts


  1. Carob flour
  2. Winged beans
  3. Hyacinth beans
  4. Broad beans [fava beans]
  5. Royal red beans
  6. Cranberry
  7. Peas
  8. Lima beans
  9. Lupins
  10. Mungo beans

Cereal Grains

  1. Corn Bran
  2. Wheat Bran
  3. Rye flour
  4. Rice Bran
  5. Barley
  6. Oat Bran
  7. Triticale Flour
  8. Bulgur
  9. Buckwheat
  10. Millet

So please take note and eat high-fiber foods as it helps you take care of your health. I hope this entry will increase your knowledge about dietary fiber


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Easy Activities That Burns Calories And How Many Calories.


Many people think that just by doing something like jogging, swimming, sporting or going to the gym can burn calories in our bodies. That’s true but that’s not all that burns calories, many more useful and easy-to-do activities can burn calories.

In this post, I will provide some activities that can be done to burn calories and it’s easy to do anywhere. Before that, do we know what calories are and what effect if calories are not burned to our body’s health?

Calories are a unit of energy needed by the body that is absorbed from food or drink that has been eaten. calories burned if we are doing physical activity and without calories, the organs in our body will get a problem and not work properly. calories are like fuel to move our bodies. Just like a car, if there is no fuel then the car will not work or move.

what would happen if calories were not burned or just a few calories burned and we did not do physical activity like running, walking, and so on?.If calories are not used or little is used then non-burned calories will be stored as glycogen or known as fat and will increase our weight. That is why it is very important that we burn calories for our body’s health and we know fat is one contributor to obesity and obesity contributing to some of the most dangerous diseases.Below I will list some easy activities to burn calories easily. everyone can do it.

  1. Walking [15minutes] = 61 calories
  2. Dancing [13 minutes] = 62 calories
  3. Sightseeing in the park [20 minutes] = 64 calories
  4. Packing Clothes [30 minutes] = 64 calories
  5. Washing dishes [45 minutes] = 120 calories
  6. Yoga [45 minutes] = 120 calories
  7. Chat on phone while standing [1 hour] = 115 calories
  8. Skipping [12 minutes] = 128 calories
  9. Cooking [1 hour] = 128 calories
  10. Shopping [1 hour 38 minutes] = 241 calories
  11. Cleaning using a vacuum cleaner [1 hour] = 243 calories
  12. Horse riding [57 minutes] = 243 calories
  13. Cleaning up home yard [53 minutes] = 243 calories
  14. Walking up the stairs [38 minutes] = 243 calories
  15. Running [23 minutes] = 246 calories
  16. Biking [29 minutes] = 247 calories

I hope with some of the above activities you can motivate yourself to burn calories and lose weight. do not wait the next day, what do you do now? hope you are successful and healthy.

Your Feet Smell BAD?


Have you ever smell your foot? do you smell scented or vice versa? Foot smelling is a problem that often happens to those who often wear shoes. there may be some who do not have to worry about the problem of stinky feet, but you must remember people around you to care about it. do not be shamed by the rotten foot odor.

For this first post, I will give you some suggestions and guides that need to be done to reduce smelly feet. before that let’s learn a little about the occurrence of stinking foot problem. For those stinky feet just like the stinky breath and really, it’s the farts of the bacteria (I am sorry). The bacteria live on your feet’s skin is called Staphylococcus epidermidis is the same bacteria found in certain cheese types. These bacteria love the warm and moist environments and feed the dry dead skin of your feet then breaking down amino acid into gas. That gas is stinky and makes your feet unpleasant odors. In simple words, these bacteria live on the sweat, they consume it and they break it down then that’s what creates those unpleasant odors. Here some of the guides you need to keep in mind to prevent the smell of stinky feet.

1)   Choose a good socks

  • Choose socks that made from cotton.
  • Do not use socks made from nylon.
  • Always wash your socks after using it.
  • Keep in mind to have more than one pair of socks.
  • Do not use the same socks repeatedly.

2)   Keep feet clean

  • Always wash your feet with soap.
  • Apply your feet with a lotion that containing peppermint or eucalyptus to remove fungus on feet.
  • Use scrubs to remove dead skin on your feet.

prevent feet odor

3)  Pedicure (optional)

  • Go to any beauty salon that provides pedicure treatment.
  • Do it once a month.

4)  Choose suitable shoes

  • Nice, beautiful and comfortable does not mean good to the feet.
  • Choose shoes that have a good ventilation system.
  • To minimize foot moisture, choose shoes made from synthetic materials.

5)  uses baking soda.

  • Works to absorb moisture in the shoes.
  • Always put baking soda after wearing shoes
  • Kills bacteria on your feet by soaking in water with the mixture of baking soda powder.

I hope through the guidance and suggestions from this post, you can reduce the smelly scent of your feet and always check your feet whether it is stinking or not because it shows your personality. DO NOT GET SHAMED BY YOUR FEET’S ODOR. Bye


Cancer For Men

Cancer is the second killer that most carries death to humans. According to the World Health Organization (WHO); 8.8 million people died of cancer in 2015 worldwide. Cancer is a very scary disease because it appears without any signs and warnings and even affects the psychology of those with cancer. For this entry, I will share knowledge about cancer that generally attacks the men and signs of cancer in the body. Before proceeding with this entry, it is good to know a little about cancer and perhaps many do not know how it happened and where it happened in general

dirty addiction cigarette unhealthy
Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

What Is Cancer?

A genetic disease in which genetic information changes due to external and internal factors, resulting in uncontrolled cell growth. Changes in cell information according to the World Health Organization (WHO) due to external agents such as Physical carcinogens, chemical carcinogens, and biological carcinogens. External agents cause mutations in DNA that lead to uncontrolled cell division resulting in tumors. The tumors are divided into two types: the non-spreading (static) and the tumor that can spread to the nearby cells. So far, 100 types of cancer are identified based on their characteristics and where the growth of uncontrolled cells triggered. I hope a brief description of this cancer gives you a bit of a picture and if you want to know more you can open a link to this entry’s reference section.

Common Types of Male Cancer.

Men also do not miss these lethal cancers, there are many types of cancer found to be attacking men based on where the cancer is attacking. If cancer strikes the lungs then it is called lung cancer and this entry I will list in general the types of cancer that always attack men. I hope this entry can further enhance your knowledge of cancer.

Throat Cancer

Throat area starts from the base of the neck and ends at the tip of Nasal cavity, in this throat area some types of cancers can occur such as Nasopharynx cancer, Oropharynx cancer, hypopharynx cancer and also Larynx cancer called voice box cancer. Generally speaking, if you experience changes in the throat such as the voice turns into hoarseness, sore throat, difficult to swallow, frequent coughing and feeling swollen in the throat for two or three weeks continuing then you should consult a doctor and ask for advice from him.

Esophagus Cancer

This type of cancer generally attacks men as compared to women, Esophagus is a food channel called gullet or food pipe. This Esophagus serves to bring food from mouth to stomach. There are two types of cancer that occur in the area of Esophagus such as adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. General signs of Esophagus cancer such as difficulty swallowing, vomiting, heartburn, and weight loss.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a tumor that develops in the lungs where the uncontrolled cell grows in the lungs causing a person suffering from lung cancer to feel uncomfortable in the chest, always coughing, rapid tiredness and shortness of breath. Most people with this cancer due to extreme smoking and smoking are the major contributors to lung cancer compared to other factors. According to the article http://www.cancer.org states that 80% of deaths due to this cancer results from extreme smoking habits among the sufferers. The more you smoke, the higher the risk of getting lung cancer.

Stomach Cancer

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), stomach cancer is the fourth cause of human death worldwide due to cancer. Gastric cancer occurs in the stomach area of the small intestine and also known as gastric cancer. Gastric cancer is triggered by an infection in the stomach such as H.pylori, a dietary that practices eating foods such as smoked meat, spicy foods, pickled foods and obesity also contribute to stomach cancer. Stomach cancer is difficult to detect in the early stages of developing cancer, there are some signs that can be detected if stomach cancer develops like abdominal pain, black stools, exhaustion, lack of appetite, weight loss, swelling in the stomach and vomiting of the blood.

Bowel Cancer

Bowel cancer is also called Colon cancer or Colorectal cancer, this bowel cancer attacks the colon, rectum, and anus. Symptoms such as bloody stools, rare stools, loss of appetite, frequent abdominal pain, constipation and the size of stools become smaller. The occurrence of colon cancer is caused by many factors but generally, colon cancer occurs due to age factors, eating habits, obesity, smoking and less exercise.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the biggest threat to men because this type of cancer is the cause of most men’s death, it is said that prostate cancer is the second most common cause of death among men in the world. The prostate is located between the base of the penis and the bladder where it works to produce fluids to smoothen the movement of semen and protect it. If there is an indication of frequent urination, urination is not satisfied, painful, always urinating at night, bloody urine, urinary flow is not so smooth and painful when ejaculation. You should see your doctor right away because it’s all about the presence of prostate cancer and those over the age of 50 have a high risk of getting this type of cancer. The cause of cancer is caused by age factor, family history of this cancer, nutrition, and hormonal changes. These factors trigger tumors in the prostate and can also spread to vital organs like lungs and nearby organs such as kidneys, liver, bones and so on. You should take regular health checks to detect them early and prevent them from developing and spreading.

Testicular Cancer

The percentage of people, who suffer from this type of cancer is very small and rarely attacks men but it should be noted that despite the small percentage, the increase in those who develop cancer increases annually according to the Cancer.Net. This type of cancer often attacks those who are within the age of 15 years to 40 years, but there are also cases that have been subjected to testicular cancer for over 40 years. So far, the cause of testicular cancer has not been known yet and it is still a mystery of how it is triggered but generally, some factors that risk getting this cancer like smoking and family history of suffering from or getting testicular cancer. There are some signs that if you get this cancer as swelling in the testicles, the size of the testicle’s size is increased either one or both, the testicles are getting heavier, the pain in the groin and the discomfort in the scrotum. If you find signs in yourself, check with your doctor for further examination.

Skin Cancer

If you find that your skin has a small bump like a mole, which is uneven, asymmetrical, has a different color and there is redness, up to 6mm in size, painful to touch and scaly. You should be worried because the signs show the symptoms of skin cancer. skin is the largest organ in the human body as it encompasses all our flesh and bones, it is our body’s first defense system of any disease, radiation, and pollution. Skin cancer is a change in body cells in the skin causing abnormal tumors in the skin, there are three types of skin cancer such as Basal Cell Carcinomas, Squamous Cell Carcinomas, and Melanomas. These three types of cancer have certain characteristics but all of them tend to occur in the face, neck, arms, and parts of the body are always exposed to sunlight. There are some of these cancer-causing factors, such as genetic, bright skin, exposed to UV rays, exposed to arsenic, exposed to radiation, weak immune system, many moles and have a history of skin cancer in the family.


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How To Prevent A Gout Attack

Hello everyone, for this entry I will share about a type of inflammation which is often attacked to people aged around 30 years and over, the problem of inflammation is called as gout


I’m sure people must know and have experience of gout problems. Gout in one of the forms of arthritis in which uric acid crystals accumulate in the joints. Often the accumulation of crystals uric acid occurs in the toe and knee causing the toes to become red and swollen making it difficult for a person to move like a walk or run. I’ve seen someone have gout cannot walk and can only crawl to move.

To anyone who has ever known it should know the unimaginable pain with words because it is extremely agonizing and tiring to the gout sufferer.So far no medication can treat gout completely but currently, there is only a remedy for relieving inflammation and also reducing the cause of gout – uric acid. For your knowledge, all uric acid is the result of purine reactions in the body and uric acid is the final result in which it can not be synthesized anymore. Uric acid should be removed through kidney and urination.

Uric acid comes from purines and purines found in foods we eat such as vegetables, cereals, meat, seafood and uric acid is also produced from our own body cells. Gout can occur if uric acid is too much in the body while the kidneys are not able to remove it immediately and the uric acid that cannot be removed, it will be stored on each tissue in our body especially on the joints. Uric acid that accumulates in the joints especially in the toes causes inflammation if the uric acid crystallizes thus causing pain, swelling, and redness. In order to prevent gout and reduce the frequency of gout attack, high purine intake should be reduced and a balanced diet has an important role in dealing with gout problems as well as stabilizes uric acid levels in the blood. In this entry, I list high purines and moderate purine content in food to make it easier for you to practice and take a note it in the future.

High Purine Foods [mg uric acid/100g]

  1. Alcoholic Beverages [1810]
  2. Bacon [ 430-500]
  3. Anchovies [411]
  4. Herring [378]
  5. Sardines [345]
  6. Trout [297]
  7. Tuna [257]
  8. Scallops [136]
  9. Codfish [109]
  10. Turkey [150]
  11. Veal [140-170]
  12. Haddock [100-120]
  13. Venison [100-140]
  14. Liver:-
    1. Ox [554]
    2. Pig [515]
    3. Calf [460]
    4. Chicken [243]

Moderate Purine Foods [mg uric acid/100g]

  1. Shrimp [234]
  2. Chicken [175]
  3. Pork [150]
  4. Duck [138]
  5. Ham [131]
  6. Lobster [118]
  7. Beef [110]
  8. Oyster [107]



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Is Gardening A Good Exercise? Health Benefits of Gardening.

is gardening


Gardening is something that is tiring and something that makes ourselves dirty and smelly. Anyone who has ever been gardening can feel the tiredness of doing so.Gardening makes our body do movements like pulling, lifting, pushing, and more movements.Did you know that this tiring gardening gives us a lot of benefits to our body?.Throughout this post, I will review the benefits of gardening to our health and with this, you are all interested in gardening as one way to become a healthy person. as we know gardening forces our muscles to move and it actually helps strengthen and ease other organs such as heart and blood circulation. Now let’s look at some of the benefits of gardening as follows:-


Gardening can burn calories in our body. we know that calories are energy units as a measure of how much energy is generated from that calorie and every food and drink has its own calories.If we are gardening for 30 minutes doing work like digging, pulling grass and cutting the flowers then 162 calories burned. So, you do not need to bother to the gym to burn calories, just gardening can help you burn calories.


Gardening is really good for our bones because, in gardening activities, we do heavy work like lifting vases, cutting grass and more. By doing so, it actually helps to condense our bones and strengthen our muscles. with it, we can prevent bone frailty disease called osteoporosis.


Gardening can also prevent diabetes because when you are gardening it lowers blood sugar levels and keeps you away from harmful diseases such as kidney problems, nerve damage. Gardening also exposes you to sunlight and through sunlight, our body produces vitamin D. The study found that vitamin D deficiency is one of the contributors to type 2 diabetes.


Heart disease is unpleasant to hear, heart disease is caused by high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes but by doing such gardening it can help reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure and next to reduce the risk of heart disease.


Stress is a thing that always disturbs our thoughts and moods so that it affects our health. By doing gardening activities, you can actually relieve stress as when gardening our brain produces hormones makes us more calm, focused and cheerful. In addition, gardening also gives you fresh air like oxygen from the surrounding plants because as we know that plants produce oxygen and oxygen also help to calm our minds.